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Lengthen your “tiger”
“You have a tiger in your back, a powerful tiger, cunning, beautiful to see” writes Thérèse Bertherat in Le Repaire du tigre. The tiger is the musculature of the back of your body, arranged in a solid and continuous chain. If your back hurts, it is not, as often thought, that it is weak. On the contrary, the muscles are too strong: the muscles of your tiger overwork. They are so tight, so contracted that they prevent the muscles of the front of your body from working. The movements taught in class are designed to lengthen and stretch your tiger.

About Andrzej…

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in the infinite possibilities of the human body.

My youth in Poland: At a very young age I came into contact with the theatre of Jerzy Grotowski in which I found such beautiful and poignant experiences. Making use of the human body I experimented with how deeply the human body can enrich communication between human beings and with one's self. More than devising a technique, we were trying to shed our masks, our superfluous aspects, our “tricks”: to remove, instead of adding layer upon layer; intending to enter deeper into our rich selves, to our essential self and selves. We could call this method 'anti-technical': where we were interested in investigating our bodies as unities, as ourselves.

My adult live in Spain: Here I created my own theatre school and company. The actor's training of encountering what is hidden in one's body became the constant leitmotif of my search. One day, with the work intensifying greatly, due to imminent release, pain arose: so intense as to lay me prostrate in bed, unable to move. The doctors said there was no solution for my right hip's troubles. And so came despair. And so came my search for a solution.

I chanced upon the magnificent Antigym® professional Ana Piñeiro, who suggested I try Antigym®. It was incredible! After just one session my situation improved tremendously; after several I had recovered completely! Fantastic! I felt happy: physically in fine form.

This would be the end of my story, but something else came to my attention, something more important than the healing of my hip. What was it? After many years of very varied body-based work, my encounter with Antigym® had made me realise how far away my body was! It is difficult to explain, but I realised that I had lived my life alienated from my very own body. And here it presented itself, thanks to Antigym®, finally, my home. I finally understood the significance of Thérèse Bertherat's words…

“Exactly where you are at this very moment, there is a house that bears your name. You're its sole owner but, a very long time ago, you lost the keys. So you stay outside; you're familiar only with the façade. You don't live in it. That house, the hideaway of your most deeply buried, repressed memories, is your body.”

Here & Now: I feel happy and grateful to be able to share the benefits that Antigym® awakens in those who try it and practise it.  Come and try for yourself…

Qualifications and Experience

  • Certified Antigym® Practitioner


"Our body is our self. It is our only perceptible reality. It is not opposed to our intelligence, to our feelings, to our soul. It includes them and shelters them. By becoming aware of our body we give ourselves access to our entire being - for body and spirit, mental and physical, even strength and weakness, represent not our duality but our unity."
The Body Has Its Reasons” by Thérèse Bertherat

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Introductory Session, 1hour: £75
Private Classes, 90 minutes: £95
Block of 6: £90 per class
Block of 11: £85 per class

Duet Classes, 90 minutes £55 per person
Block of 6: £52 per person per class
Block of 11: £50 per person per class

Group Classes also available
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