Antigymnastique® was developed in the early 1970s by French physiotherapist Thérèse Bertherat, the author of the bestseller “The Body has its Reasons”.

Travel through your body
Practising Antigym® is like embarking on a voyage through your body and its history. You discover how throughout your life your body quietly reorganised, adapted and protected itself. You learn to perceive and understand your body in a deeper, more accurate and autonomous way.

Your body can regain flexibility and mobility at any age
Your body has remarkable self-healing ability. When practising Antigym® movements, the body frees itself, undoing bonds and releasing fear. Behind any stiffness or contractures, there is almost always an old pain, an accident, a forgotten incident, and most often a psychological event. Your eye muscles, jaw muscles, diaphragm, perineum, legs and feet have reacted to all of our life events, even those that we forgot, especially those that we forgot long ago. Antigym® bodywork enables us to slowly rediscover forgotten areas, and awaken the areas that we no longer dare to move or that we haven’t touched, sometimes for a long time. A new map of the body emerges, more complete, more harmonious and far much more comfortable.

Precise and respectful movements
Antigym® movements are subtle and extremely precise; they respect the physiology of the muscles and never exceed their natural range of motion. Movements are therefore extremely respectful of the body. At the same time, they are very powerful and effective. The movements awaken every muscle, from the largest to the smallest, from the better known to the completely unknown, ignored, or neglected. Antigym® offers an opportunity to make… one toe articulate, but also the tongue, the perineum and many other muscles.

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