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What Eleonora can do for you...

Gyrotonic is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. It is an original and unique method, which coordinates movement, breath and mental focus. Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis classes can be adapted for people from all walks of life including accomplished athletes, fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens, people recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability. Focus on the breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, wellbeing and mental clarity. By the end of a session, one’s entire system is awakened and brought into greater balance.

About Eleonora…

Born in 1989 in Fano, Italy, I am by nature an “explorer”, a free spirit with an especially strong passion for dance which has led me to be a "citizen of the world”.

Dance taught me to recognize and overcome my limits, opening the way to what I am now: in constant evolution and in search of new adventures.

In 2000 I moved to Florence to follow the dance company Balletto di Toscana, directed by Cristina Bozzolini. Later I moved to Milano and attended the academy of Susanna Beltrami and then entered the contemporary dance company. When I thought that my path (the dharma) was only dance, here life presented me a new and stimulating "challenge".

Attending the academy I discovered Gyrotonic and it was love at first sight. I have been working as a trainer of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis at the “Gyrotonic Milano" studio with master trainers Paolo Bernasconi, Mauro Barbetta and Selene Manzoni. Since It has been a continuous research, attending courses of specialization with international master trainers in various parts of the world. This allowed me to cultivate my second passion: travelling. In Rishikesh, India, I met yoga. Back in Italy I attended intensive yoga workshops with Antonietta V. Ferrante, founder of the "neshamayoga" instructor school and the "teacher" Sol Schmitz in the wonderful island of Amorgos in the Cyclades. At this point in my journey back to my roots, I was living in Fano, ready to teach others how to achieve a state of psychophysical well-being, to live it every day. Now I find myself in London full of energy, looking forward to a new experience and another exciting challenge.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer Certified
  • Gyrotonic Level 1 Trainer
  • Certified Gyrokinesis Level 1 Trainer
  • Certification: Gyrokinesis Lotus Blossom Course, Programme 1
  • Certification: Jewels of the Gyrokinesis method
  • Gyrotonic level 2 - Programme 1 and 2
  • Specialised Equipment from The "Gyrotononic Expension System “
  • Jumping-Stretching Board, Archway, Leg Extension Unit and Gyrotoner
  • Therapeutic Course : Application of the Gyrotonic Expansion System for the Pelvic Girdle and Lumbar Spine, Shoulder Girdle, Scoliosis, Dancers.
  • Certification: Gyrotonic Principles in the context of Osteopathy
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Bodywork and breathing


My philosophy is contained in the word “ DHARMA”: to identify one’s own path and be happy!

 TO BOOK Contact Eleonora on +44 7851 323 083 or email Eleonora at eleonoracinti89@gmail.com

Private £75 I Block of 5 £356 I Block of 10 £675
Duet £45 per person