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When I discovered Pilates during my training with Dreas Reyneken, it was a real eye opener, I gained a great understanding of how the body functions in movement. Often I wish I had this knowledge during my dancing career.

Since being a fully qualified Pilates instructor, I have had the great fortune of working with dancers and witnessing wonderful results in their technique, strength, co-ordination and balance. I have worked extensively with people of all ages and abilities and I have been rewarded by seeing huge improvements in their quality of life, often observing freedom from long-term pain or immobility.

About Leire…

Leire Ortueta was born in Bilbao, Spain, and from here she started her career as a dancer. She trained in Classical Ballet with Ion Beitia for 7 years and continued her dance education at The Royal Ballet upper school before joining the The Royal Ballet Company in 1990 where she danced for 12 years, the last 5 years as a soloist. In 2002 Leire joined George Piper Dance (The Ballet Boyz) for 3 months.

After retiring from dance Leire trained in an intensive course of Pilates at The Body Conditioning Studio with Dreas Reyneken, one of the most prestigious and respected Pilates teachers in the UK.
Leire qualified in 2005. In the same year she completed the R.A.D. Professional Dancers Teaching Course.
Leire went on to open her own Pilates studio in her home city of Bilbao called 'Metodo Pilates Leire Ortueta' and has been based there for the last 10 years. She has extensive experience working with people of all ages and conditions and is fully qualified in many therapeutic aspects.

Leire has also worked with dancers teaching Classical Ballet, pointe work and Pilates for dancers at Dantza Eskola School between 2008 and 2015. And she has been working in the Royal ballet school since November 2017 as a Pilates instructor for students age 16-19.

Leire is now a qualified Gyrotonic Level 1 & Level 2 instructor as well as Gyrotonic Jumping-Stretching Board instructor.

Qualifications and Experience

  • The body conditioning studio 2004-2005.
  • R.A.D. The Professional Dancers Teaching Course 2005.
  • Gyrotonic Trainer level 1 2008 and Therapeutic courses: Gyrotonic
  • Applications for the pelvic girdle and lumbar spine, & Scoliosis.
  • Gyrotonic principle in the context of Osteopathy.
  • Fit Pilates : Pilates + injuries workshop.
  • Balanced Body workshops 2010. Stott Pilates workshops 2011.
  • Balanced body Workshops 2012. Gyrotonic level 2 program 1 2014.
  • Gyrotonic Jumping-Stretching Board Trainer 2022


"Both methods of Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise will strengthen and give more freedom of movement while increasing balance and coordination, creating harmony between body and mind, respiration and movement. I believe in promoting a feeling of wellbeing and increasing self-esteem through bodywork."

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