Pilates Trainer

What Fiona can do for you...

Experienced in teaching multiple methods of Pilates from boot camp, specialist pre and postnatal as well as injury care, Fiona enjoys finding new ways to help and challenge her clients with their body awareness. Fiona focuses on using imagery and flow for athletic pilates combinations. Applying her science background, so that you work accurately, Fiona wants you to get the most out of her class.

About Fiona…

As a former professional dancer, Pilates has been an integral part of Fiona’s lifestyle for maintaining peak physical form and controlling injuries. Fiona taught Pilates while dancing in both London and New York. After retiring from dance, she went on to gain a Sports Science and Sports Injury BSc and she is currently studying for her Masters. In 2016, Fiona worked as a Pilates teacher trainer, developing and tutoring a fully-comprehensive teacher-training programme.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Certified PMA Pilates Instructor
  • Pre and Postnatal Pilates
  • Sport Science and Sports Injury BSc
  • 5 years' teaching experience working with pre and postnatal care, joint surgeries and injury rehabilitation
  • Developed fully-comprehensive teacher-training programme Pilates Squared Ltd


Creating a bespoke session for my clients is the most enjoyable part of teaching. I always want to curate your session to how you are feeling from one day to the next. Pilates is a wonderful way to reconnect and align the body at any level but also a way to reset your mind and spirit. My aim is to make sure you feel better after my class than you did before you walked into the studio.

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Flexible availability by appointment

Private £75 I Block of 5 £356 I Block of 10 £675
Duet £45 per person