Who will benefit from reflexology?

All clients benefit from a treatment; from very young children to the elderly except in certain cases:

  • Immediately prior to and after surgery
  • In certain medical conditions
  • In cases of contagious/acute infections and diseases
  • During the first 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. But Reflexology is very beneficial for labour and after the birth.

Reflexology ‘balances and revitalises’, what does that mean?

Illness, stress, tension and fatigue can each cause disharmony (imbalance) in the body. Energy can be wasted emotionally and mentally. Reflexology encourages the body’s own energy flow and as the body and mind regain their balance they can work more efficiently.

Does Reflexology hurt?

The client feels releases, calm and at times sleepy. Some areas of the foot may feel tender and gritty and in the case of a chronic condition a slight bruising sensation, but as the treatment continues all these sensations ease.

How many treatments do you need to have to feel positive effects?

As all bodies differ this question is difficult to answer. when not dealing with a specific condition one treatment alone is very beneficial, with a follow up treatment periodically to maintain well-being. A chronic condition will need more treatments; usually 6 to 8. Before there will be any noticeable signs of improvement acute conditions may require less and improvement can be seen after the second or third treatment.


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